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    Strong Online Visibility for Your Professional Success

    On top of being easy to create a free and professional website with Puzl, your site will also rapidly become visible in the results of search engines such as Google. Websites do not have any limitations of size, pages or traffic as content equals visibility for Search Engine Optimization.

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    Social Media Integration for Your Online Presence

    Social Media is rapidly becoming the biggest source of leads for businesses. Puzl is one step ahead. In addition to letting your visitors easily share your site, Puzl enables you automatically syndicate your business news to major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

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    Full Customization for Your Business Website

    A business website needs to be unique. Puzl’s new generation drag and drop editor makes it easy to add, move and resize all elements on your web pages. The version 1.0, currently under development, will offer a compelling level of customization for designers to choose Puzl.

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Free website builder

Build a free and optimized business site with the Puzl business network

The free website builder developed by Puzl offers a full customization of your webpages. To maintain it intuitive, our free website builder has been separated into different steps. First of all, when joining Puzl, you will need to answer a three pages business questioner which automatically results in the creation of a home and contact web page following a set website template. Your search engine ranking will start to increase, raising your business’ online visibility, as soon as your pages are placed online. Search engines take up to a month to start ranking your web pages. You will then be offered to start to build your free website.

The first step of the free website builder is to pick the general design of your web pages. You will select the general appearance and design of your free website, choose a header and footer and finally a free website template to have your web pages automatically generated following your design selection. The final step will be to fully customize your web pages using the toolbox of the free website builder to modify and adapt individual web templates, add e-commerce templates, etc… You may stop and come back at any time to complete or edit  your free website.

Free software package with toolbox

Free website builder in constant evolution with the launch of new widgets.

How often do you come across outdated web pages on the internet? When you build a free website with the free website builder of Puzl, in addition to benefiting from a high search engine ranking, it will assure that your professional web pages always stay at the technological peak. Every month, the developer team will launch new widgets to expand the personalization capabilities of the free website builder.  Each Widget will either improve the design or the interface of your free website. Sectorial widgets,integrated to the toolbox,will also be created and directly available as free website templates. These will be great additions to your web pages as they will aim at linking the front office of your business with a back office software package.

On top of continuously improving the interface of its free website builder, the Puzl business network is planning many enhancements to help SME’s, self-employed and freelancers benefit from fully integrated business running tools. Business forums will be the next big addition to the Puzl business network. You will be able to network and discuss between Puzlists, but will also have the possibility to respond to questions that visitors may have concerning areas from your field of expertise.

A referral competition was launched to share the Puzl concept. Don’t hesitate and participate in the evolution of the business network!

Free website hosting

Puzl provides free website hosting to improve your search engine ranking

When you build a free business website with Puzl, your site will automatically improve its search engine ranking. A high search engine ranking means that your free business website will appear in the first pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc... This is achieved by the complex SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ready architected developed within the free website builder of Puzl.

Free website hosting is one of the key ideas to the Puzl business network concept. By interlinking websites with each other and integrating them to internal business directories, their search engine ranking potential will be multiplied.

There are many factors influencing the search engine ranking of web pages; the most important ones are the size of the site, its activity and its internal/external linking. When you build a free website with Puzl, the web hosting will allow you to directly benefit from a large and highly active business website but also boasting many internal links. The structure of the Puzl business network including individual widgets has one goal; improve the search engine ranking of member’s websites. 

Puzl, the entrepreneurial business network

How the idea of creating Puzl’s free website builder stemmed

When internet was launched to the public, it was believed that it would become the Media allowing all businesses to find customers direct without needing to pass by expensive intermediaries. Today, this equilibrium has vanished; large website attracting the majority of the internet traffic to their web pages. Search engine ranking became the one and most important factor influencing the success of a website; strong stream of incoming traffic being necessary to sell online.

The Puzl business platform is the resultant of this understanding. We created the free website builder to aggregate the referencing power of SME, self-employed and freelancers into one large internet platform, all benefiting from a multiplied SEO effect and achieving a high search engine ranking. Results will not be attained alone but by the power and work of the community. This is why Puzl, the business platform, is proposing you to build a free website bringing a social side to its concept.

We believe in benefiting from the success of our business members, the Puzlists. The vast majority of the free website built on Puzl will remain 100% free. However, as the businesses of Puzlist grow and their needs evolve, we will propose highly specific widgets as well as extra services which will be available against a one off or monthly fee. The Puzl business network will grow and earn income as the community grows and thrives.

Puzl business network

To grow, the Puzl business network needs the implication of Puzlists

The Puzl business platform is an active professional community where the voice of members is at the center of preoccupations. The free website builder, amongst other interfaces, is currently in full development to improve and extend its capabilities. It is your opinions that will make the community follow the right direction. 

Don’t hesitate to give your opinion, ideas, and recommendations by visiting our business forums. On top of being an interface where you can contact the Puzl team, visiting the business forums will allow you to communicate with other members of the business network who have built a free website with the web page maker. Puzl aims at offering limitless possibilities to run your business from A to Z as well as propose a structure able to help you grow and develop your activity online. The community is here to help you! Be active and help the new Puzlist grow and discover the business platform.