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QFD: Quality Function Deployment

Quality function deployment is a planning tool used to fulfil customer expectations through translation of customer expectations into technical or engineering characteristics. House of quality is used for understanding voice of customer, voice of business, prioritizing them, prioritizing technical descriptors and the process of manufacturing, and competitive analysis

QUALITY COSTS: Cost of Poor Quality

The efficiency of a business is measured in terms of dollars. The cost of poor quality can add to the other costs used in decision making, such as maintenance, production, design, inspection, sales, and other activities. This cost is no different than other costs. It can be programmed, budgeted, measured, and analysed to help in attaining the objectives for better quality and customer satisfaction at less cost. A reduction in quality costs leads to increased profit.

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Quick weave

Your hair can be left out or all in. Done with glue only. Your hair is protected by a silicon gel that washes right out and a cap. The glue does not touch your hair.

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Quick Interior Detailing

Quick cleaning of surfaces and vacuuming