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G-Mex Festival

Reel around the fountain.

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University Of Salford

And you made him old. Unruly girls. And they were half-right. Oh, they ... oh, they were half-right.

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Aragon Ballroom

That sounds silly but unless we actually tour we don't meet the people who buy our records.

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Smith Center

Two icy-cold hands conducting the way. She is funny. And though I walk home alone.

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Who will not grow up. All those people, all those lives.

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She is famous. Is what you get for asking. A boy is stabbed. What's at the back of your mind?

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Aftershock Festival

With loves, and hates and passions just like mine. And you made him old.

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Music Hall

They were born and then they lived and then they died.

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The locomotive, guided by an English engineer and fed with English coal, threw out its smoke upon cotton, coffee, nutmeg, clove, and pepper plantations, while the steam curled in spirals around groups of palm trees, in the midst of which were seen picturesque bungalows, viharis.

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The station at Allahabad was reached about ten o'clock, and, the interrupted line of railway being resumed, would enable them to reach Calcutta in less than twenty four hours. Phileas Fogg would thus be able to arrive in time to take the steamer which left Calcutta the next day.

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Of the grand order of folio leviathans, the Sperm Whale and the Right Whale are by far the most noteworthy. They are the only whales regularly hunted by man. To the Nantucketer, they present the two extremes of all the known varieties of the whale. As the external difference between them.

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Feasibility studies

Twice my bearers missed their footing, and my heart ceased beating as we plunged toward instant death among the tangled deadwood beneath. But on both occasions those lithe, powerful tails reached out and found sustaining branches, nor did either of the creatures loosen their grasp upon me.

Cleaning Kitchen

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Living room 01
Cleaning the Living Areas

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Living room 02
Special requests

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Cleaning Bathrooms

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Business and economics 01
International Economics and Business

Business economics is concerned with economic issues and problems related to business organization, management, and strategy. Issues and problems include: an explanation of why corporate firms emerge and exist; why they expand: horizontally, vertically and spacially; the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship; the significance of organizational structure; the relationship of firms with the employees, the providers of capital, the customers, the government; the interactions between firms and the business environment.

Art and culture 01
Arts and Culture Studies

Cultural studies has evolved around the world through the confluence of various disciplines—anthropology, media and communication studies, literary studies, education, geography, philosophy, sociology, politics and others. At its core, though, cultural studies continues to provide significant conceptual and methodological frameworks for cultural, social and economic critique.

Medical sciences 02
Medical Biology

Medical science students learn in depth about the human body; developing skills and knowledge on how the human body functions and how it reacts to disease and the drugs that are used to treat disease. It is possible for students to take an additional year that involves research that allows them to be conferred honours (BMedSc(Hons)) but this usually requires a set GPA. Graduates may enter a diverse range of roles including graduate-entry clinical medicine, academic research, pharmaceuticals and broader consulting roles.

Language and comunication 01
Language and Comunication

Language and Communication Technologies (LCT; also known as Human Language Technologies or Language Technology for short) is the scientific study of technologies that explore language and communication. It is an interdisciplinary field that encompasses the fields of Computer Science, Linguistics and Cognitive Science.